15 Best CBD vaporizers

Vaping CBD oil is a new way of consuming CBD. It is because of the high bioavailability, comfort, and quick impact on our endocannabinoid base. CBD vape pens aka vaporizers are the most suitable way for this.

They heat the CBD vape oil rather than burning it, turning it into smoke, which is then inhaled. CBD can be consumed in different ways, from tea to coffee or using balms anyway, but these CBD elements today fill the market because of how easy it is to consume.

Commonly, CBD vape pens contain Li-ion batteries that power a heating component or circuit that heats the CBD e-liquid and evaporates it.

In this article, we feature 15 of the absolute best devices for vaping CBD, to fit every budget.

1. G Pen Gio

The G Pen Gio features variable heating technology designed to accommodate a wide range of gustatory preferences. The device has low, medium, and high-temperature settings. Additionally includes a setting with a controlled use time (3 seconds, 5 seconds, and 10 seconds), which gives customers increased capacity to control what they inhale.

G Pen Gio’s button for easy switching between automatic and manual settings works smoothly.

2. Itsuwa Awak DS 10.5

Itsuwa Awak 10.5 stick vaporizer is available in 0.3ml, 0.5ml, or 1ml capacity. The vaporizer features a ceramic mouthpiece with 4 x 1.5mm intake holes and a quartz glass tank. The device will pass heavy-metal testing easily, and can be considered a healthier choice for users.

You can order this item right away by clicking here.

3. Pax Era Pro

Incredible matching of Android app, and iPhone web app. Really good dosage measurement control. Including parental control. Provides detailed test data for the specific cartridge you are using. Cartridges come only from trusted, high-quality manufacturers.

Although the cartridges are a bit more expensive and last for a while, there is some plastic waste as you throw them away after use.

4. Jwei G052

This is a 510 battery vape with a metal-ceramic heating element. It activates automatically, has no display, and fixed temperature modes. The batters rechargeable and it’s capacity is 180 mA. The device is suitable for regular cannabis oil.

Click here for more details and a quick order.

5. Jwei V056 disposable pod

Jwei V056 is a disposable pod for cannabis oils with a tiny viewing window where a user can see how much oil is left. The vape is not refillable and rechargeable, but you can be 100% sure, you’ll use the oil completely before the battery runs out.

Temperature modes in this device are fixed with constant power control, and it activates automatically.

Check out it’s MOQ and heater resistance specifications here.

6. CBDfx

The company that produces these vapes strives to create a full range of CBD elements that, among other things, have passed third-party testing for their safety. All things considered, you would trust the company’s products more.

These CBD vape pens are great for people who are just getting into vaping or using CBDs. They can be of two types:

Ordinary: 30mg of pure CBD in a standard e-liquid mixed with Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

Terpene: 50mg of CBD together with a blend of cannabis terpenes and explicit strains.

These CBD vape pens are eye-catching and come in twelve flavors combined: New Mint, Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Ice Cream, Pineapple Express, OG kush, Ice Dew, Jungle Breeze, Melon Cooler, Blue Dream, Spicy Diesel, and Platinum Rose.

7. Jwei D042 1.0g

Jwei D042 is a 1 ml disposable THC pod. It’s non-refillable, but rechargeable. Due to the 310 mA battery, the device weighs 19,2 g. It has fixed temperature modes, no display, and suits for regular cannabis oils. To preheat, you need to blow on the end-cap. The viewing window can be customized according to your preferences.

The item is available for ordering right away from $4,60 per item. Check it out!

8. Savage CBD

Savage CBD’s disposable vape pens are one of a kind for utilizing full-range CBD rather than purified CBD. That implies a user gets all the same effects like from smoking weed but enhanced by CBD.

These pens contain 250mg CBD in a 0.5ml reservoir, giving them a very high potency of 500mg CBD per ml.

They come in natural product flavors: strawberry melon, mango citrus, and berry mint, just as three one of a kind terpene mix flavors implied for explicit advantages: sweet dreams (with melatonin), unwind, and dynamic (with caffeine).

9. Relaxo GX

Relaxo GX is a disposable pod with constant power control. It has no display and is non-serviceable, but very stylish and compact. It has one coil and a 1 ml pod capacity. Perfect for regular cannabis oil.

The device comes in different colors that you can check here and it’s price starts from $4,30 per item.

10. PureKana

PureKana’s pens give all one requires from disposable CBD vape pens. They hold 200mg of CBD dissolved in MCT coconut oil in a 5ml reservoir, giving them an average potency of 40mg per ml.

They can be in four flavors: blue raz, mint, blood orange, and pineapple.

These CBD pens contain a broad spectrum hemp extract, so a person gets all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes effects from hemp, but no THC.

These mixtures enhance the advantages of CBD, making this pen more compelling than those containing purified cannabidiol.

11. Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals disposable CBD vape pens contain 250mg of CBD in a 0.5ml reservoir. This means a very high potency of 500 mg per ml.

What’s more, the company uses a pure CBD extract for its products, which means during vaping a user gets all the effects that can be received from hemp naturally.

The pens are loaded up with four mixes of cannabis terpenes that give a remarkable flavor, yet in addition the gainful impacts of CBD and other cannabinoids present in the extract.

12. Fab CBD

Fab CBD is a great solution if you one looking for a highly durable and strong disposable vape pen. It’s delivered with 500mg of CBD in a 0.5ml reservoir, which means 1000mg capacity per ml: one of the most reliable and strongest CBD vape pens that exist on the market.

It is made without THC but with CBD containing valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. This pen is filled with mint and has a capacity of 200 draws.

13. Koi CBD

Those searching for a little, versatile CBD vape pen will be satisfied with Koi CBD’s Stik. This vape pen fits into a pocket and accompanies cases and a battery-powered inside battery.

Simply fill the units with CBD vape squeeze, append, and top off when you run out.

This vape pen comes with: 1 Koi Stik, 1 empty pod, 1 empty 30 mL bottle for filling pods, and a 30 day warranty.

  • Dimensions: 4.88″ x 0.43″ x 0.79″
  • Materials 304 steel, food-grade PC
  • Built-in USB charger
  • One-button operation turn on/off
  • Battery capacity: 360 mAh

High quality battery retains 80% of its capacity after 300 charge cycles.

14. DynaVap M

This is the most famous dry herb vaporizer. This vape pen offers a moderate method to vape dry spice, which incorporates both standard cannabis and CBD hemp flowers.

Regardless of its low price, it has a solid, hardened steel body and a design was created for improving vape stream, and other nice features.

The Dynavap line devices are small. This one is a similar size as a one-hitter, and in the DynaStash it fits into a pocket conveniently.

It fits in any hands truly well and can be taken within a hurry for a day out.

15. Crossing Tech Ez Sai

Ez Sai is a wax/dab vape pen. It is small enough to be carried in a pocket, but has enough impact on the use of CBD waxes and other CBD-rich concentrates.

It is made of hardened steel, battery-operated, rechargeable, and comes with a point tool at a reasonable price.

The device has the following characteristics:

  • 1 Saionara Atomizer
  • 1 EZ Sai battery
  • 1 Triple Titanium – Quartz coil for TC Mode
  • 1 Kanthal 4mm Quartz for Wattage Mode
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 Dab tool
  • 2 Extra O-Rings

And also has three temperature control modes: 380F, 420F, 460F.

Wrapping up

Got interested in any of the devices? Contact us and we can come up with an analogue or something similar that we can release under your brand.