How to enroll in the Vaporfly partnership program

On the Vaporfly blog, we talk about the services provided by the company, the benefits that customers receive. We try to tell about the future of vaping businesses and clarify the nuances of the current laws.

In this article, we will tell more about how to enroll in the Vaporfly partnership program.

Who can benefit from this article? Information in this article would be useful for device manufacturers, sales managers, oil manufacturers, CPA networks and programs, farmers, wholesale buyers, and dispensaries.

Device manufacturers

Partnership with Vaporfly allows manufacturers of vaping devices or accessories to place their products in the Vaporfly catalog. In addition, Vaporfly will promote the products on its social media pages. 

Partners will also have the opportunity to present their products at the world’s best exhibitions together with Vaporfly. We provide a part of our stand and reduce costs for companies by 2-3 times. Our managers will promote the products themselves, therefore, you do not have to pay your managers. You also save a lot on the production of promotional materials.

Also, under certain agreed conditions, the company will provide services for the storage of products and orders in its warehouses in Europe and the USA.

Oil manufacturers and farmers

Vaporfly managers help oil manufacturers find suitable devices and conduct full compatibility testing and branding services at a very competitive price.

Farmers who have joined the Vaporfly partner program can also receive advice on the selection of devices compatible with their products. To make sure the selected device works perfectly with their product, Vaporfly can offer testing services. And if the farmers want to make their products more recognizable, Vaporfly will help with branding.

Wholesale buyers

For wholesale buyers, managers will select devices that fit all the necessary parameters. Among the services provided for wholesale buyers, there is also customization and branding. Customers can create unique prints, place logos or engravings on devices and accessories. Vaporfly provides sample boxes, trial batches, personal discounts, and special prices for heavy metal testing.

Also, managers will control the quality of production, packaging, and dispatch of products to their destination for wholesale buyers. Vaporfly managers can also send photos of products and packaging before shipping upon request.

For startups

Vaporfly offers wide customization, production, quality control, and shipping services. Startups can order products under their own brand. They can put logos on the devices, packages, or accessories. Customers can apply not only a logo but also various patterns by means of printing or engraving.

In terms of production, Vaporfly specialists can conduct technical revisions and specification verifications if needed to fix faulty devices.

Besides this, customers have the QC option when Vaporfly QC managers will go check the production processes and make sure that everything is going according to the plan.

Despite the legislation restrictions, Vaporfly can dispatch and deliver orders on time with no issues.

Considering very competitive prices, Vaporfly is a good option to partner with at the start of a business. A more detailed description of all services for startups you can find here

For dispensaries

We work with dispensaries throughout the USA and offer them a large variety of goods with the possibility of custom branding, competitive pricing, and fast shipping. We promptly deliver goods to our customers and solve problems in case of defective items delivery. With us, our clients do not worry about missed deadlines or problems with returning goods.

CPA affiliate networks and programs

We offer individual terms of cooperation for CPA affiliates. The conditions of each cooperation are discussed separately. We are interested in expanding our media presence in the California market and the United States in general, so we are ready to consider your conditions. If this sounds interesting and beneficial for you, please leave your contact information here so that we can communicate with you and conclude cooperation.

Sales reps and ambassadors

We are currently looking for experienced and willing-to-work sales managers who will help us grow our sales in California. We offer interesting work and decent wages. If you’ve always wanted to try working in the cannabis field, you should definitely contact us.


To learn more about the services provided to our clients, read here. If you want to become a Vaporfly partner, please leave your contact information here and our managers will contact you within two working days.

*All questions of cooperation, discounts, for wholesale buyers, and special conditions are negotiated individually in each case.