Vaporfly services that boost startup businesses

We have a lot to offer for those who are looking for customization, production, quality control options, and more.

Starting a vape shop or dispensaries, or just launching your business and considering options for cooperation with other device suppliers?

This article shows a detailed review of all Vaporfly services and a checklist for an average vape startup business. First, look at the checklist as a friendly reminder to check if you do not miss out on anything.

Making a business plan

If you have already carried out all the necessary market research and decided exactly which vaporizers, oils, and accessories you will sell, it’s time to make a business plan.

To start drawing up a business plan, you need to find out how taxation and other regulations work in your state. Depending on the location of your business, high excise taxes on vaping products can make your business useless. While there is currently no federal excise tax on vape products, some states and municipalities tax vaping products as a percentage of the products’ wholesale value per unit or milliliter of oil.

Tax rates vary by state and district. For example, the highest rates are 95% in Minnesota or 70% in DC, making vaper shops simply unprofitable as they have to set high prices accordingly and lose their competitiveness.

When you have conducted enough research and realized that it is possible for your business in your state to get enough profit for the business to develop and still make money on it, you can think about the name and purchase of a domain for a website.

Business registration and licensing

Your next step to launching a vape shop is to register your business at the federal, state, and local authorities and get all the licenses to comply with the state laws and regulations. Once you’ve done all this, you’ll be all set up quickly because this step is considered to be the hardest.

We also recommend you double-check if the specific laws applicable to the state where your shop is located.

Opening a business checking account

Finding a warehouse, choosing a store location, a supplier, buying accounting and other software, planning marketing campaigns, hiring and training employees is everything you have to do at the start. You have to consider all the costs throughout the entire vape shop launching process.

Since sooner or later you will have to pay taxes or even file tax deductions, it is better to carry out all these operations from one business account, so that it will be easier to reconcile your bank account during the tax period.

Business insurance

The exact cost of your insurance policy will of course depend on various risk factors like the projected income, business property value, the equipment and merchandise sold, and the type and quantity of products sold.

You also need to know that you can get insurance not only from general insurance companies but also from brokers with policies specially adapted for vape shops. Such brokers’ insurance may cover oils and defective products.

These are four main things to consider when starting a business or planning it. But there are many more nuances when it comes to buying and selling products. For example, working with suppliers, search, goods selection, order delivery, certification – all this falls on the business owner’s shoulders. And this is what Vaporfly has helped many businesses with and can help yours.

The company provides a full range of services from assistance in the selection of devices for sale to delivery to the warehouse. And here is more detailed information about all services you can get in one place.


Vaporfly offers a wide range of customization services. You can put your company logo or change color on devices, packaging, and even accessories that are in the store’s catalog.

In addition, you can engrave or print whatever you want. For example, add an image or stripes, stars, hearts, anything you like on a device.

Vaporfly can consider full customization of a device with a sufficient order volume and can also provide small trial batches of customized devices until the result satisfies the customer.


If you have previously collaborated with some manufacturers and didn’t like the quality of the produced goods, Vaporfly managers will help you with troubleshooting and provide an analysis of the defective device together with improvement guidelines.

The Vaporfly team will control technical revision and specification verification so that you would receive a fixed working device soon.

If you have a project or an idea of creating a device, the managers will take over prototyping, development, and verification of requirements for the manufacturer. They will also supervise the manufacturing process and prototype testing.

Quality control

Vaporfly has a team of QC Engineers who are located throughout the USA and China where the company has partnered with testing laboratories and manufacturers. They regularly visit factories and check the quality of work at different production stages and the quality of the finished products. The QC managers come to check the production process at random times, but if they supervise a large batch, they can come to the factory every day as needed or requested by a client.

Vaporfly is a customer-oriented company and therefore the QC managers can visit factories at special customers’ requests, and can also take and send pictures of finished products or packaged batches before shipment.

If a client finds defective items in a batch and it exceeds the standard acceptable percentage of defective goods, they are sent back to the factory, and the client receives new ones.


Despite the restrictions on the delivery of cannabis vaporizers that came into force not so long ago, the company made every effort not to cause inconvenience to its customers and continues to deliver orders to its warehouse in the USA.

The company also sends all the necessary certificates and specifications of the goods.

If a client finds items damaged during transportation and the percentage of acceptable standards is exceeded, the company will make efforts to solve this problem as well.


In the Vaporfly partner laboratories, they test various devices, and here is a list of tests that are carried out there:

  • Puff count
  • Pressure drop
  • EPM testing
  • E-vapor density
  • Operating temperature of a heating element
  • Internal components
  • Technical battery
  • Feeding signal characteristics
  • Printed and circuit board

It is important to know that laboratory testing is carried out not only to ensure the safety of devices for humans and their compliance with quality standards but also, for example, to choose the right oil for a device.

Vaporfly can provide clients with device testing services, and it can even be client devices that were not purchased on the company’s website.

Bottom line

There are many things vapуr startups or business owners shall consider when launching their shops, and Vaporfly understands it very well. Therefore, the company provides a wide variety of services related to devices, packaging, and accessories. Moreover, it values ​​the time of its customers and constantly improves the quality of services.